Easy version control for Linux

RabbitVCS is a set of graphical tools written to provide simple and straightforward access to the version control systems you use. We provide multiple clients and extensions designed to give you a uniform experience no matter what development tools you use.

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    RabbitVCS v0.18 Released

    After two and a half years, and the help of a bunch of people we have managed to finish our migration to GTK+3 and Python 3! It honestly was a ton of work to get this done and it almost definitely wouldn’t have been completed without the help of Patrick Monnerat to not only get […]

    RabbitVCS v0.17 Released

    Hi all, you may have noticed me rummaging around lately.  I’ve been pretty much absent for a handful of years, but I got an itch recently to get back involved.  Thanks go to Daniel for picking up the slack while I and others were dormant and moving us into modern times with Github! My goal […]

    RabbitVCS v0.16.0

    With the shift to github out of the way, we’ve decide to release a new version of rabbitvcs. It’s available via github, and contains 16 important bug fixes and features. Please report issues via github We’ve uploaded Ubuntu packages to the main PPA, and other distributions are encouraged to produce their own packages as needed. […]

    Moving to Github

    We’re shifting to github. The existing issue tracker and downloads will remain in place on google code, but new issues and releases will be via github.  

    RabbitVCS v0.15.2

    We’ve seen quite a lot of activity from the community since our past 0.15.1 release, in the form of patches, bug reports and discussion. We’re proud to announce the 0.15.2 release, which aims to resolve a number of painful or annoying defects. The changelog contains the full detail. Download RabbitVCS v0.15.2 at: http://wiki.rabbitvcs.org/wiki/download Homepage: http://www.rabbitvcs.org […]


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